When playing Initium, you'll see a lot of abbreviations for weapons, areas, bosses and other things. Here is a list of abbreviations and lingo you might see. (This is a basic list, and will be expanded upon every so often.)

Your Character

  • Str - Strength (stat)
  • Dex - Dexterity (stat)
  • Int - Intelligence (stat)
  • 1h - 1 Handed, referring one handed weapons.
  • 2h - 2 Handed, referring two handed weapons.
  • Dex Pen (DP) - Dexterity Penalty
  • Str Req (SR) - Strength Requirement
  • DR - Damage Reduction
  • Bludge - Bludgeoning
  • Dura - Durability


Monsters and Bosses

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