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    May 11, 2020 by MEGABLORG!

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  • ThatOneCelesteGuy

    Like any normal player, I just use chat to rain hecc upon initium's userbase. However, I would like to take a minute to talk about how randomness affects difficulty, difficulty affects randomness, and the methods to achieve an equilibrium. 

    Let's just start off with the main ways the game uses randomness:

    • Player max stats (str, dex, and int)
    • Enemy stats (str, dex, and int as well as their items)
    • What both sides of a battle roll for each turn
    • Finding a non-instance boss (main exception being elf)
    • Every stat on an item
    • Armor/weapon/shield blocking a hit or not
    • Which armor piece is hit from an attack
    • Finding an epic
    • And about 100 other things I'm forgetting.

    I will go into more detail later. I need to go to sleep.

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