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The 'claim system' is used by majority of players to avoid loot stealing of any sorts. It's rather simple.

  1. Find a boss or any rare monster or anything you don't want stolen.
  2. While INSIDE THE COMBAT SITE (not the general location of it), say 'mine' or anything claiming in the LOCATION CHAT.
  3. Other players finding the same site will mostly avoid attacking it.
  4. Claims lasts for 20 minutes after they are made in chat.
  5. Previous claimers can reclaim the monster as long as they are putting effort on killing it, and not being afk for 20 minutes.
  6. If someone finds a boss that you put to 1 hp and didn't claim and takes the loot, not much can be done as it wasn't claimed.
  7. Other players can claim any unclaimed boss, damaged or not.
  8. If the claimer dies, the boss is free for all or open to another claim.
  9. It's up to players to respect this as it isn't an official system but has been working very well.
  10. CLAIMS DON'T WORK ON ANY INSTANCE, no you can't claim Black King or Troll King, those are free for all.