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Note to returning players: bosses have been updated to fit the roaming mechanic. However, Protector's shrines will still spawn their respective Protector and now follow instance mechanics (autoloot and healing) as well. See below for more information.

Welcome to the Initium Boss Hunting Guide!

This page's purpose is to hopefully give players all the information they need to find and fight bosses and also to help them understand the mechanics as well. This page is being revamped in an attempt to remain relevant in the evolving meta of Initium.

Thanks to all the people who made this guide possible, including but not limited to: Mutednight, Inceptive, Batmal, ahh damn, Nakeen, Caroline and many more!

Extra big thanks to Vocandin for pioneering the original guide.


Bosses to Add

For wiki contributors, this list contains bosses that have not yet been added to this Guide.

Boss Mechanics

Distinct from the army mechanic, the roaming mechanic is a small chance to find bosses in specific areas (marked with dark green on the Player-Made Map). Areas where bosses can spawn (often called domains) tend to be near their former timed spawn location.

Bosses found this way don't follow instance mechanics - they behave just like regular monsters. This means that roaming bosses will despawn if nobody is in combat with them as the server ticks if the monster is at full health, unless someone has died to that monster.

Encounter Tips and Tricks

Here are some helpful tips for players trying to find roaming bosses or rare monsters:

  • Most bosses have very low spawn rates. Players will often go days without finding a given boss and then go on to find that same boss multiple times within the same hour. It's all luck, so don't get too discouraged if you find yourself on a dry streak.
  • Beware of disappearing monsters. When the server ticks (explained below), any combat site with a full health monster or a gold-less dead body will despawn unless a player is engaged with it or has died to it.
  • To return to an encounter after running away, scroll down and click 'Show hidden paths'. Look through the newly appeared list of combat sites to find the right one.
  • Deal damage to monsters and don't loot their gold if you want the combat site to persist after you leave. This can prevent item being deleted in the course of a rescue or in case an item fails to be picked up.
  • Always refresh the page after picking up items as sometimes the item won't actually be looted, even though it seems to have been looted. Check your inventory to make sure your loot has been collected before leaving a combat site.
  • The "Leave and Forget" option at a combat site will permanently delete the combat site and any loot inside it if the site isn't occupied by another player (your party members don't prevent site deletion though).
  • Other players can find your combat sites and steal your loot. To mitigate this, an honor system called the Boss Claim System is upheld by the majority of players.

Roaming Bosses

Juvenile Turtlespawn

Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Piercing damage

Found at: Concealed Cavern and Claw Marked Cavern

Drops: Sharp Claw, Reinforced Shell, Turtlehide Sandals

Strategy: The Juvenile Turtlespawn is an incredibly easy boss, some would say the easiest boss in Initium. As long as you are wearing some sort of armor and a weapon you can krill this boss. Just know how to run and heal if things somehow go badly for you.


Weak to: Piercing damage

Deals: Bludgeoning / Piercing damage

Found at: Grand Mountain Summit, Frozen Cavern

Drops: Spiked Fists of the Yeti

Strategy: The Yeti has a high amount of health, does low damage and frequently blocks damage from your attacks. Players who have multiple characters can grind their stats effectively on this boss by using cheap equipment with high dexterity penality and high block chance (like Padded Platemail and Tower Shield or Heavy Steel Shield), allowing them to miss their swings often and get more stats per Yeti.

Players should still be careful when grinding the Yeti. Frost Giants (rarely equipped with the Hailstorm epic) are strong monsters found in the same locations as Yeti.

Baron Cricketon

Weak to: Piercing damage

Deals: Bludgeoning / Piercing damage

Found at: Cricketon Cave and surrounding locations

Drops: Sword of the Barony

Strategy: Baron Cricketon is one of the first bosses the player will probably fight. Despite his imposing presence, Baron Cricketon is not a very difficult boss to defeat. Use Padded Chainmail or similar for an easy victory.

Long Dead Incinerator

Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Piercing damage

Found at: Castle Grounds, Castle Courtyard, Castle Grounds: Trail, Ruined Abode

Drops: Small Coin Pouch, Frayed Shroud

Strategy: Long Dead Incinerator is one of the easiest bosses, dealing only low pierce damage. A decent set of Scale Mail will work well against him, and use a Nortion Battleaxe or other easy to get bludge weapon to guarantee an easy victory.

Handmaiden of In'Darill

Weak to: Piercing damage

Deals: Bludgeoning / Slashing with axe, and Piercing with corvo

Found at: Almost any place with the word "Forest" in the name, notably Dense Forest and High Road: Dense Forest.

Drops: 2 pieces from: Handmaiden's Corvo, Handmaiden's Sagaris, Handmaiden's Leggings, Handmaiden's Corslet. Handmaiden's Chestpiece, Handmaiden's Boots. And rarely the Handmaiden's Agimat.

Strategy: The Handmaiden of In'Darill is the bane of many unprepared adventurers going down the high road. Her main weapon is usually the Sagaris, which is basically a decent rolled Nortion Battleaxe. Her offhand, the Corvo does not roll well often, so a good Full-Plate will work well against her, as long as you heal often. An armor set with at least A/A/A would be better though, like a Frayed Shroud from the Long Dead Incinerator.

Monstrous Orc Shaman

Weak to: Piercing damage

Deals: Bludgeoning damage

Found at: Mystic Temple Ruins, Overgrown Path, Northern Hills

Drops: Orc Shaman Staff, Ornate Orcish Helmet

Strategy: Orc shaman is a long fight, his health goes as high as 400s, and he uses a mana shield, which blocks any damage for around 8. His hits can be quite strong so healing below 35s is highly recommended. 2 handed piercing weapons can do a quick job of him, or Rapiers but those break very quickly.

The staff dropped is the best farming weapon in the game, it may seem low damage but it blocks very often, has good durability and can still hit as high as 40s with a 1d13. The helmet is also very good all around.

When hunting for shaman, keep an eye on Skeletal Scouts which can be seen equipped with Fate's Call, an epic piercing.

Giant Mutant Eel

Weak to: Any Damage

Deals: Piercing damage

Found at: Winding River

Drops: Helm of the Mutant Eel

Strategy: Eel can now hit very hard so take pierce armor to it, on the upside, it barely blocks damage which makes it a quick boss after found. The helm is quite decent. Eel can be found while looking for Protector of the River, which can be found on same areas.

IMPORTANT: If the Mutant Eel knocks a character out, that character will become zombified and thus not able to be revived. Fight this boss with extreme caution!

Enraged Mutant Eel

Weak to: Piercing/Slashing Damage

Deals: Piercing/Slashing Damage

Found at: Winding River

Drops: Helm of the Mutant Eel, Boots of the Mutant Eel

Strategy: Deals medium Pierce Damage and occasional Slash Damage. High mitigation Pierce Gear that is A/G to slash is recommended. Can crit fairly hard. Sword of the Barony or Emerald Sword recommended for block chance. Can be found at Night at while looking for Protector of the River.


Weak to: Piercing Damage

Deals: Bludgeoning Damage

Found at: Cliffside Lookout, Rocky Path, Mountain Plains, Hobgoblin Tribe Campsite

Drops: Bulettehide Bracers

Strategy: The Bulette is a pretty easy boss, usually a very quick encounter. He is weak to piercing damage and deals medium amounts of bludge damage; however, he can crit pretty hard, so heal often and be cautious. He drops the Bulettehide Bracers upon defeat, a decent pair of bracers for early to mid game players.

Colossal Crustacean

Weak to: Piercing damage

Deals: Piercing / Slashing damage

Found at: Aseridith Beachs (North, South, East, West), Hidden Cave

Drops: Pincer Shield

Strategy: This huge crab isn't too hard with decent piercing block gear. It has a decently sized health pool and can crit quite hard, so be careful and heal often.

While looking for it on the beaches, you can find Merman who may be wielding the epic Wrath of Lotan, so watch for it.

Rock Golem

Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Bludgeoning damage

Found at: Rolling Dunes, Strange Rock Formation

Drops: Granite Fist

Strategy: It has around 200 to 250 HP, beware that because of the average 13 strength it can straight up 1 hit someone at full hp with the 'Rock Toss' attack. Heal often.

The fists are an awesome weapon considering the very high block stats making it very good to farm nomads as it acts as a second shield against Shurikens.

While looking for it you can stumble upon Protector of the Dunes so keep an eye for it.

Rakken Queen

Weak to: Slashing damage

Deals: Bludgeoning / Piercing damage

Found at: Queen's Chambers and surrounding locations

Drops: Sherian Mace, Achula Skull, 1 to 3 Rakken Honey

Strategy: The Rakken Queen is an rather easy boss, except for it's massive health pool of around 1400. This absurd health is mitigated by the fact that it has exceptionally weak stats and deals extremely low amounts of damage. 

Overall, the Rakken Queen is not a reasonably profitable boss to farm. The Rakken Honey provides a mediocre buff of +5% Strength and -5% Intelligence for an hour. Achula Skull is generally a weaker version of the Heavy Steel Shield, although it can roll stupidly high at times; potentially up to 58 block chance and 22 damage reduction. The Sherian Mace is usually comparable to a decent Warhammer, however, the Sherian Mace can theoretically roll as high as 81 max damage, making it one of the best bludgeoning weapons in the game.

Lizard King

Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Slashing damage

Found at: Lizardfolk Marshland

Drops: Emerald Sword, Lizard Helm, Lizard Fists

Strategy: The high hp makes up for the lack of armor it has. Emerald Sword is capable of rolling very high stats so take very good block % gear to avoid unblocked hits, as it can and will 1 hit you if you don't.

The fists and helm makes for awesome pierce/ slash blocking gear, among the best overall.

You can look for Lizard King while killing Lizard Soldiers that may carry Grace of Il'Kalet, take note that it won't be equipped so you have to kill the monster. On top of it they are among the best sources of gold dropping an average of 300 per with much less HP than dragons.


Weak to: High damage

Deals: Slashing damage

Found at: Shrines (as an instanced boss) and nearby them as random encounter.

Drops: Each protector drops one item from the Protector set, look on the map and wiki for more information.

Strategy as Instance: You have to kill the prot in one go, if you run it will heal back, same strategy as below but without getting hit.

Strategy as encounter: The fight is very straight forward, by having no weakness, any high damage weapon works, but swords are recommended because of the good slashing resistances. The protector damage reduction goes from 20 all the way to 40 so the worse you weapon is, the longer it takes (and if it's plains or jungle protector the dura is wasted as chest and legs takes 80% of the hits). As for their weapon, they can be as bad as 2d10 x1 or as good as 3d13 x3 (which very very rarely happens), so heal often.

While looking for protectors you can also side-farm some useful things:

Protector gear has potential to be extremely powerful armor, with the potential to have 100% block, 40 damage reduction and 0% dex penalty, making it some of the best overall armor in the game.


Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Slashing / Bludgeoning damage or Piercing / Slashing damage

Found at: Trail Head and Surrounding Areas

Drops: Enameled Glass Set, Razor-Glass Sword, Razor-Glass Mace

Strategy: The Centaur is a mid game boss. It can wield either the Razor-Glass Mace, which deals bludgeoning and slashing damage, or the Razor-Glass Sword which deals slashing and piercing damage. It is essential to have characters prepared for both scenarios, otherwise you may find yourself dead. Use bludgeoning damage against the boss for an easy time.

Upon death, the Centaur drops two of the listed items.

Guardian of Xolotl

Weak to: Slashing damage

Deals: Any 2 of Slashing / Piercing / Bludgeoning damage

Found at: Hall of the Guardian and surrounding areas

Drops: Guardian's Horn, one of Adventurer's Coif, Adventurer's Sabatons, Adventurer's Bracers

Strategy: Other than the weapons equipped, the Xolotl doesn't have much in terms of armor. High Slashing damage will hit it hard, when you can hit it. Guardian Horn can roll very high, and so can his other equipped weapons, doing as much as 60+ on a crit. It's best to use Protector armor to cover any combination of weapons the Xoltol could have.

More on this later.

Wilderness Vagabond

Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Slashing / Piercing damage

Found at: Nomad Camp Commons and surrounding areas

Drops: Desert Saber, Eastern Parrying Dagger, Desert Flower, Desert Gem, Shrouded Garments, Desert Greaves, Shrouded Helm, Snakeskin Shirt, Nomad Gloves

Strategy: The Wilderness Vagabond is a pretty dangerous enemy, with high dex and int. The trick for the vagabond is that it has a 1-2 durability spell that absorbs any damage, and always blocks. Once the spell is broken, Vagabond is a pretty easy enemy, having minimal damage reduction. Saber can roll both 3d and 4x, however, so be careful!

Angel of Death

Weak to: Piercing damage

Deals: Bludgeoning / Slashing damage

Found at: Cemetery Crypts (Hub, Large, Lower, Upper)

Drops: Death's Embrace, Crypt Key

Strategy: AoD as it's called is not a hard boss to kill. The robes usually block 20 damage of any kind, and the weapon only has 5 extra block against slash or bludgeoning. So any weapon can be used. The only issue with it is that while embrace can go down to -2% crit chance, after the int stat (which gives 2.5% crit every point after 4) the crit gets around 10%. The weapon rolls low as 60 max damage, but has been known to roll as high as an incredible 150 max damage. Battle at your own risk.

With a slightly decent set of gear you can take on AoD, just make sure to have back up.

Death's Embrace is an awesome weapon for quick killing bosses or people, and it's quite fun hitting above 100s.

Lich of the Wind

Weak to: Bludgeoning Damage

Deals: Slashing / Piercing Damage

Found at: Sacred Air Temple, Aviary

Drops: Staff of the Wind, Orb of the Wind

Strategy: Lich of the Wind is an extremely similar boss to the Angel of Death, except he does piercing/slashing instead of bludgeoning/slashing. The Staff of the Wind is an extremely deadly weapon, capable of rolling up to 180 max damage (5d6 6x). This makes the fight rather risky; a low roll staff is super easy to fight, but a very high roll staff will hit like an atomic bomb.

Using good anti pierce armor such as Western Ranger Cuirass, Lizard Helm and Gladiator Armor will make this boss not as deadly. Using a shield such as Heavy Steel Shield or Master Spell Book with a good bludgeoning weapon such as Guardian's Flail or General's Mace should make quick work of him.

Also, if you are very rich, using a Prince Set with a Cryptic Quarterstaff will absolutely murder him.

The boss also rarely drops the Orb of the Wind, which has no use at the time of writing.

Fallen Mermaid Priest

Weak to: Bludgeoning Damage

Deals: Slashing / Piercing / Bludgeoning Damage

Found at: Sacred Water Temple, Holy Sanctum, Sludge

Drops: Shark Tooth Shield, Orb of the Sea (rarely)

Strategy: The Fallen Mermaid Priest is a pretty easy boss. It deals all 3 damage types, so Protector Gear is needed. A decent bludgeoning weapon, such as Guardian's Flail, and a decent shield such as Heavy Steel Shield will make for an easy time.

However, the Shark Tooth Shield kinda sucks, so this boss isn't really worth farming unless you want an Orb of the Sea, which is a rare drop from the boss. At the time of writing, it has no use.

Overlord of the Flames

Weak to: Slashing Damage

Deals: Slashing / Piercing / Bludgeoning Damage

Found at: Sacred Fire Temple, Lava Tube

Drops: Demonic Fist, Demonic Armor, Orb of Flames (rarely)

Strategy: Overlord of the Flames is a very dangerous boss, capable of dealing all 3 damage types and will frequently attack twice in one turn. Similar to General Roxex and Dragonlord, his dual wield attacks can often eclipse 100 damage combined.. Good prots are essential. His demonic armor is weak to slash damage (use 60+), but because his Demonic Fist and some of his other pieces block slash well he is far tankier typically than his HP would imply A well rolled Protector's Sword is generally the best bet due to the great defenses, but any 60+ mono-slashing weapon should do the trick while providing some nice defense compared to other options. However, because his Demonic Fist blocks often and is weak to bludge, using a dual type slash/bludge weapon will perform very well offensively, though you typically sacrifice defensive stats.

Whether you take an offensive or defensive route is up to you and how confident you are in your protector pieces. Due to Overlords very high stats and frequent dual attacks it is recommended to play very conservatively and heal any time you take damage. His demon armor is sometimes awesome, sometimes poor, but most of the time it is a decent B/P armor choice. However, the Demonic Fist is one of the best weapons in the game, similar to Roxex's General's Mace with high average damage, but dealing Pierce/Slash instead and having excellent defensive stats to boot. So far we've seen it roll up to 90 max damage, frequently in the 60-75 max range.

The boss also rarely drops the Orb of the Flames, which has no use at the time of writing.

Abaddon the Destroyer

Weak to: Bludgeoning Damage

Deals: Piercing / Bludgeoning Damage

Found at: Sacred Earth Temple, Echoing Scream, Inferno

Drops: Stone Skin Shirt, Abaddon's Claws, Orb of the Earth (rarely)

Strategy: Abby is challenging boss, mainly because he deals the deadly bludge/pierce combo. Multiple partied characters wearing decent Xarukian Ornamental Armor or high BC/DR prots are recommended to fight this boss along with a high roll General's Mace or any other 60+ bludge weapon with good average dmg accompanied by a Visionary Grimoire . ProTip: Use a Blood Lust . Basically, treat this boss as a beefed up Dragonlord

The Stone Skin Shirt rolls similar to the Dragon Blood Shirt, except it's A/E/A. Abaddon's Claws is a 3-in-1 weapon/shield/gloves item. While dealing 54+ pierce/slash damage and a Str Mod, it can roll a very high bc/dr combo and thus be used against many mid-game bosses.

Aseridith Marksman

Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Piercing damage

Found at: Aseridith Guard Tower and surrounding areas, all Aseridith Outer Wall locations

Drops: Western Ranger Cuirass, Dragon Hide Vambraces, Composite Longbow

Strategy: Considered to be a significantly weaker version of Dir'Thelien, the Aseridith Marksman has high dexterity and intelligence, meaning that almost every attack will be a critical hit. The Composite Longbow can roll exceedingly high, sometimes surpassing 80 max damage. Powerful pierce protection, such as the Western Ranger Cuirass is recommended.

The bracers and cuirass are awesome piercing focused armor and the bow can roll to very high levels, making it a decent piercing weapon.

Aseridith Commander

Weak to: Piercing damage OR Piercing/Bludgeoning Damage

Deals: Piercing damage

Found at: Aseridith Commander's Quarters, Aseridith Fort Tower 1, Aseridith Fort Tower 2, Aseridith Fort Barracks, Aseridith Fort Inner Gate

Drops:Gilded Rapier, Aseridian Heavy Plate, Mithril Alloy Shirt, Large Chest, Arena Ticket

Strategy: Heavy armored quite strong boss. It can 1 hit you at any given time with the rapier which ranges at around 54 max damage coupled with pretty high stats. Use heavy piercing block gear and make sure to have a backup plan should the 1 hit kill happen.

Both the rapier and heavy plate are high quality weapons. The rapier can drop at low durability if you take your time killing the commander, but usually drops with over 200 left. The rapier can roll anywhere from 28 max to 99 max, usually dropping around 54. The Heavy Plate is sometimes a lackluster armor, but rolls incredibly well on some occasions.

Despite the Commander's main armor to be weak to pierce, all of his auxiliary armor(shirt, gloves, helm, etc) are all weak to bludgeoning damage. Thus, using a powerful bludgeoning weapon such as a General's Mace that has 44-60 max damage will be significantly more effective than a straight piercing weapon.

As well, the Aseridith Commander has a high chance of dropping the very sought after Arena Tickets. It seems around one in three commanders will drop one, making this boss the best way to farm Tickets.


Weak to: Bludgeoning or Piercing damage

Deals: Bludgeoning / Piercing / Slashing damage

Found at: Archmage Quarters, see the Archmage page for the rest.

Drops: Archmage's Robes, Master Spell Book or Ancient Spell Book

Strategy: Archmage is a less armored protector, but deals all 3 damage types, and can crit quite hard. Use A/A/A gear and high damage weapons. If it has the red book equipped, slashing won't work, but if it's the blue one it will, at the cost of 5 DR compared to piercing.

Master Of Aphelion

Weak to: Bludgeoning or Bludgeoning / Slashing damage

Deals: High Piercing and Piercing / Slashing damage

Found at: Aphelion Grand Sanctum, Grand Sanctum Entrance, Sanctum Passageway, Majestic Corridor.

Drops: Shiv of the Starry Seas, Aphelion Plate, Lunar Shard, and one other piece of it's set.

Strategy: Make sure to try and break her Lunar Shield as fast as humanly possible. Also make sure you tank the Dark Matter Darts. Once you do these two things the boss becomes considerably more easier to deal with. Use any bludgeoning weapon after the shield is down for a quick win. Alternatively, a high-damage Bludgeoning / Slashing weapon can do major damage even with the shield up, or a Bludgeoning / Piercing weapon does more damage to the gloves, though the gloves usually suck and the extra damage is usually unnoticeable.

The shiv can roll well, and the armor is usually mediocre but can also roll great.

Also note that the boss crits a ton. Be prepared.


Weak to: Piercing damage

Deals: Bludgeoning / Slashing damage

Found at: Shrine of Na'Kareth, all other areas inside tomb.

Drops: Two pieces of the Na'Kareth armor set.

Strategy: This is an extremely high stats boss, getting up to 15 on each stat at max. Heavily armored with 20+ DR items, it's weak to pierce and bludgeoning, high damage Macuahuitls works well but high damage pierce works better. Best weapon to use would be Elven Bows however. Healing can be quite far away and ambushes are easily happen, sometimes up to 15+ at a time from experience.


Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Bludgeoning / Piercing damage

Found at: Smoldering Mountain and Cinder Plains surroundings.

Drops: Dragon Blood Shirt, Dragon Blood Greatsword

Strategy: Dragonlord is a high tier boss, it has the deadly combination of bludgeoning / piercing which makes anything that isn't Protector Gear, Archmage Robes or Paladin Armor almost useless, Spiraling Stone are also recommended as shield along a good Warhammer or Battleaxe. It's weak to bludgeoning and has high hp of around 450s. Never fight it solo as the high dexterity will make running from it a quick death.

The shirt is among best shirts in the game and the sword makes for a great farming weapon against Acolytes or Snakes when farming for Python Scale Tunic shirt due to the exceptional blocking capacity, it also makes for a great protector killing weapon, and with a max roll of 3d8 can be even used against Dir'Thelien if careful!

Guardian of Xaruk

Weak to: Piercing damage

Deals: Bludgeoning damage

Drops: Guardian Chain, Xarukian Full-Plate, Guardian's Flail

Strategy: The Guardian of Xaruk is not a very difficult boss. He has around 100 hp and deals usually mediocre bludgeoning damage. However, the Guardian's Flail can roll pretty well so it advised to fight him with caution.

General Roxex

Weak to: Slashing damage OR a combo of Slashing / Piercing

Deals: Piercing / Slashing and Bludgeoning / Piercing damage

Found at: Barracks and surrounding locations.

Drops: Xarukian Ornamental Armor, General's Mace

Strategy: General Roxex is a very deadly boss, dealing all 3 damage types, and thus it is not a very good idea to fight him unless you have a couple characters in good protectors. He dual wields two weapons; the General's Mace, which is a powerful bludgeoning/piercing weapon capable of rolling from 2d11 2x-3d17 3x. However, both 3d and 3x General's Maces are exceedingly rare, with only a handful existing despite many people farming this boss.

The other weapon he wields does not drop, but it is a very deadly Dagger that deals piercing/slashing damage. Many compare it to the epic weapon Thorn.

When fighting General Roxex, it is recommended to have multiple characters in full sets of protector armor. As well, a shield with a sword such as a high damage Emerald Sword or a Knight's Longsword are highly recommended. If you are rich, you can opt to use a Sword of the Black King which absolutely demolishes General Roxex, but some may consider it a waste of durability.

As well, despite the General's main armor being weak to slash, all of his auxiliary armor is weak to piercing. Therefore, a piercing/slashing weapon will kill him the fastest. However; given Roxex's insane damage output, it might not be wise to switch to an S/P weapon that has less blocking capabilities, compared to an Emerald Sword or a Knight's Longsword. A weapon such as a Demonic Fist is probably close to the best weapon for Roxex; dealing slashing, piercing and having extremely good blocks. The epic weapon Thorn is also a very good choice, even if it has significantly worse blocks.

Aseridith High Priest

Weak to: Slash

Deals: Bludgeoning damage or Bludgeoning/Piercing damage

Found at: Fort Entrance (aser), Fort Junction, Old Fort Landing

Drops: Conviction, Atonement

Strategy: Priest is weak to slash, which makes finding a good weapon for him fairly easy. A high roll Protector's Sword would suffice, but higher tier gear is always welcome. You should aim for 95 block chance and 20 damage resist or higher on your armor. Arena gear works best for this boss, using Combatant 's Set or Paladin's Set for the two different damage types the priest can deal.

He always wields conviction, which he also drops, in one hand. In the other, he will wield either a weapon called Searing Gleam or Piercing Revelation. Gleam will deal bludge damage, while Revelation will deal piercing damage. Although the priest is cloaked, you can make the distinction by attacking him in your bludge/pierce resistant armor and reading the combat logs.

The Priest fight sucks, but nothing sucks as much as getting pumped for the fight. The monsters around him are all very powerful, such as the Griffin and other neutral monsters which deal Pierce and Slash, forcing you to re-gear to get pumped off of them.

A healing spot is fortunately fairly close to the High Priest's spawning areas. Heal a lot, be very careful and pray to Ray that you get a good drop.

Leviathan Spawn

Weak to: Slashing / Piercing damage

Deals: Bludgeoning damage

Found at: Maelstrom, Fisherman's Ferry

Drops: Diamondscale Casque, Diamondscale Greaves, Pink Leviathan Scale

Strategy: The Leviathan is the latest creation from the cold heart of Papa Marsh. It is a rather challenging boss, being able to destroy players in end game gear from full HP. Notorious for doing 90+ bludgeoning damage on critical hits, it is NOT recommended to fight this boss unless 1) you have a deathwish or 2) you have multiple characters in full Na'Kareth or Combatant armor.

The Leviathan can, once again, deal ridiculously high amounts of damage, so tread carefully.

[9:09] CountZero: Add: he is kind of an asshole.

Tectonic Horror

Weak to: Piercing Damage

Deals: Bludgeoning/Piercing Damage

Found at: Kujir Marsh

Drops: Metamorphic Sludge

Strategy: Full protector armor or armor with high B/P Damage Reduction and Block Chance. The Horror wields two weapons, one dealing bludgeoning and the other piercing, therefore E/A or A/E is better over A/A. Weapon can be any piercing weapon with high damage, ideally over 40 as the Horror's hide can frequently block 20s.

Shield recommendations: Visionary's Grimoire


Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Bludgeoning/Piercing damage

Found at: Elven Grove

Drops: Elven Bow, Rope

Strategy: 'Marcus sent you' is the safe option.

Created to be a challenge for veteran players to test their skills and their luck, Dir'Thelien with a strong Elven Bow is unquestionably the strongest boss monster of them all. Dir'Thelien will kill anyone who fights it long enough. Players are recommended to stay far away from this boss, killing this boss is not required to progress in the game.

Despite his weakness to bludgeoning type damage, it is recommended to use powerful weapons with significant block chance and damage reduction - usually this will be Slashing type weapons - as survival is your first priority when considering fighting Dir'Thelien. It's also required to have multiple characters and sets of equipment. Possible gear choices include the Sword of the Black King, Emerald Sword or Knight's Longsword alongside a high-end Protector gear, or a top tier set of Paladin Armor. At the cost of higher risk, very strong bludgeoning and piercing weapons can also be used.

It is absolutely necessary to have mastered the basics of Initium to succeed against this boss. Barring the use of an army of fresh characters armed with Shurikens, it is expensive to even attempt to kill Dir'Thelien considering he lands strong critical hits frequently because of his high stats (13 Strength and Dexterity, 12 Intelligence).

The game begins when you die to Dir'Thelien, and the endgame begins when you get revenge.

Instance Mechanics

All players should be aware of the following, keeping in mind that Player Controlled Areas follow some of these rules:

  • All battles within an instance are one on one combat. This means monsters cannot be fought as a party.
  • Instanced monsters will return to full health only if you run away from. However, instanced monsters will not heal if someone dies to it.
  • Autoloot: Items are automatically moved to your inventory should you win an instance battle and the same goes for your opponent. Beware of being overburdened, if you are, the loot will drop at the ground wherever the monster is (instead of at your feet like the text states).
  • With the exception of Player Controlled Areas, exploring inside instances is a fruitless task. Monsters will instead block your attempts to move locations. Before you can move to a location being blocked, you must kill all instance or army monsters located in that area.
  • Player Controlled areas excluded, instance areas respawn their monsters when the server ticks after the timer runs out. When the message below chat reads "Reinforcements will arrive at any moment! If you do not vacate the premises before they arrive, you will be forced out!", it means that the next server tick will cause the monsters to respawn.
  • Players located inside instances will be sent back to the instance's entrance should they be inside a given area while monsters are respawning.
  • Once that countdown reaches 0, it will be shown as: "Reinforcements will arrive at any moment!. If you do not vacate the premises before they arrive, you will be forced out!".
  • Server ticks happen every 10 minutes. Combat sites will despawn and the monster activity will rise a bit every time the server ticks. As well, players will be kicked out of instances that are at a countdown of 0 upon the tick.  


Hobgoblin Warmonger

Weak to: Bludgeoning / Piercing damage

Deals: Bludgeoning damage

Found at: Hobgoblin Tribe Campsite

Drops: Masterwork Leather Armor and Cloak, Cat O'Nine Tails, Studded Gauntlet

Strategy: The Warmonger is inside a short instance, it has a small health pool but the Cat O'Nine tails can crit quite hard so beware. It respawns 30 minutes after being killed.

Goblin Leader

Weak to: Slashing damage

Deals: Slashing / Bludgeoning damage

Found at: Goblin Tent

Drops: Xarukian Bardiche

Strategy: The Goblin Leader is a relatively easy boss to fight. Grab a decent slashing weapon and go to town. However, Bardiches can very rarely roll extremely high, so fight with caution.

Ragnar the Cruel

Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Bludgeoning / Slashing damage

Found at: End of Bandit Hideout instance

Drops: Two-Step Greaves, Pristine Red Scale Armor

Strategy: The enemies in his instance are weak to slashing damage and deal potentially large amounts of bludgeoning damage, with a small amount of piercing damage. Padded Platemail or Padded Chainmail is highly recommended for this instance.

As for Ragnar himself, he is a fairly easy boss, not much harder then the Enforcers that precede him. He deals a mixture of bludgeoning and slashing damage, so using a Full Plate or equivalent is recommended. Due to him being weak to bludgeoning and the enforcers being weak to slashing damage, it is highly recommended to bring a Battleaxe.


Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Bludgeoning / Piercing damage

Found at: End of Feeder Stream Instance

Drops: Norwood Armor Set, Norwood Bow

Strategy: In'Darill can be a deadly boss, dealing the infamous pierce/bludge combo. However, the Norwood Bow does not roll particularly high, making this boss trivial for anyone well prepared.

In'Darill has a respawn time of 3 hours.

Raptor Spinner

Weak to: Piercing damage

Deals: Piercing / Slashing damage

Found at: End of Feeder Stream Instance

Drops: Raptor Carapace Shield, Raptor Eye Ring

Strategy: The Raptor Spinner is a very easy boss. You can use trash to decent anti pierce gear and Macuahuitls to do well against this boss. Use the same against all the mobs leading up to the spinner.

The Raptor Spinner has a respawn time of 2 hours.

Boggart Chieftain

Weak to: Slashing damage

Deals: Bludgeoning damage

Found at: The end of the Ratagural Swamp intance

Drops: Boggart Chieftain Staff, Boggart Chieftain Headdress, Boggart Chieftain Robe

Strategy: The Boggart Cheiftan is found at the end of the Ratagural Swamp instance. He is not a very hard boss, although his staff can roll quite high. Wear decent anti bludge armor and bring a decent slashing weapon for an easy time against this boss.

The Respawn Timer for this boss is 3 hours.

Troll King

Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Bludgeoning damage

Found at: Last room of Troll Caves

Drops: Helm of the Troll King, Mithril Chain Shirt, Light Mace of the Troll King

Strategy: Troll King is one of the most profitable bosses if you are persistent in clearing the cave towards him, which can take quite a while killing Troll after Troll. On top of his awesome loot, which are very good mid-game helmet, the best overall shirt and a very good crit chance, durability mace (which can't drop worse than 2d7), it can drop up to 24k gold.

To get to him simply keep bashing trolls (which is also an awesome way to level stats). you can't party here but multiple people clearing speeds up the process by a lot, there are 2 rest spots on the way. When in the hub, head towards "Smithy" then when on the corridor turn right. Full-Plate is highly recommended or any very good block armor against bludgeoning. Also beware that if you die on Troll Caves your body will mostly likely be buried with very small chance to be rescued.

If you get to his room and it's empty, check the timer below to see when it will spawn, then try to time it so you get back to his room after he has spawned, have in mind there may be up to 10 minutes added to respawn time as explained on the beginning of the guide. Once you kill it once, you can "chain" all spawns with no problems.

TK room is one way, so once you go in you can't cheat and step one room back to avoid getting kicked.

Shadow Master

Weak to: Piercing(Chest/Legs), Slashing(Boots)

Deals: Slashing

Found at: Narrow Stairway

Drops: Shadow Kodachi, Night Crawlers

Strategy: Wear some good slashing armor such as a good Full Plate or Aseridian Heavy Plate. A high damage piercing weapon will be your weapon of choice.

Respawn Time: 7 hours

Aseridith Executioner

Weak to: Bludgeoning

Deals: Bludgeoning and Slashing

Found at: Aseridith Dungeon

Drops: Executioner's Axe, Bloodied Hauberk, Onyx Chain

Strategy: The Aseridith Executioner is a quite sturdy boss with high HP. Due to his high Strength and the possibly high rolls of the Executioner's Axe, fighting him is a bit RNG based.

Either way, wear a good mixed Bludge/Slash armor, such as Full-Plate if you are poor, Protectors if you are lucky or Na'Kareth if you are a rebel.

Use a Bludgeoning weapon against him, or else you are going to bang your head at the nearby wall.

Respawn Time: 52 Hours

The Volantis Arena

The Arena is an endgame Boss Rush style instance with five bosses you must defeat in a row. After each boss, you can opt to leave and collect your rewards. With each consecutive win, you will get more loot. The Volantis Arena requires one Arena Ticket to be given for each run of the arena.

Some tips: There is a 1hp "Arena Custodian" in every room that doesn't house a boss, which can be used to get the pumped buff to quickly deal damage to the next boss.

As well, to make sure that the next boss has spawned, you can click "Enter the Pit". If the moving location animation shows up saying "Walking towards Arena Pit", there is no boss currently in there and you need to cancel the action, otherwise your ticket will be a waste. At this point you can either wait for the boss to respawn or leave and collect your reward.

The room inbetween bosses has a respawn time of 45 minutes, and each boss room has a respawn time of 15 minutes.

Magnar the Bloodthirsty

Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Slashing damage

Found at: Volantis Arena - 1st Boss

Drops: Proof of Victory

Strategy: Magnar the Bloodthirsty is the first arena boss. Wielding a Gladius and a heavy Shield, he is not to be underestimated despite wearing nor shirt nor chest armor.

Magnar deals pure slash damage, which can go fairly high with strength bonus.

As long as you wear slashing-resistant gear, you will be fine, though due to the nature of the Arena, you will want the best slashing-gear to avoid taking damage.

He is weak to Bludgeoning damage. Use a good weapon to finish the fight quickly.


Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Piercing damage

Found at: Volantis Arena - 2nd Boss

Drops: Proof of Victory

Strategy: Loric is the second arena boss. Wielding a Three Pronged Spear and a Shield, he is also armored everywhere bar on the hands. Despite doing less damage than Magnar, he is much more sturdy.

Loric deals only Piercing damage, and rarely hits above 40. As such, a good set of Scale armor+Heavy Steel Shield would perfectly work against him.

He is also weak to Bludgeoning damage. Due to having high defenses, a high damage weapon will be required.

Greybeard the Wise

Weak to: Any

Deals: Bludgeoning damage

Found at: Volantis Arena - 3rd Boss

Drops: Proof of Victory

Strategy: Greybeard the Wise is the 3rd arena boss. Much more deadly than Magnar the Bloodthirsty and Loric, he will often catch the unprepared off-guard. Boasting over 100hp, wielding a 2Handed spell and having a really good armor, he is not to be underestimated.

Greybeard deals only Bludgeoning damage, and can possibly hit for very high. 60 critical hits are not uncommon.

As such, wear the best Bludgeoning protection you have available. Na'Kareth set is a good choice if you have a full set available, else a good Padded Platemail could do the trick.

As he has no clear weaknesses, any weapon is suitable to face him. You should favor using Slashing weapons due to their innate high damage and defensive capabilities.

Retired Legionnaire

Weak to: Piercing damage

Deals: Piercing / Slashing damage

Found at: Volantis Arena - 4th Boss

Drops: Proof of Victory

Strategy: The Retired Legionnaire is the 4th arena boss. This boss is incredibly deadly, he will end you unless you prepare extensively for him.

High piercing damage is required for defeating this boss. Using a 72 max Rapier or Gilded Rapier is the absolute weakest weapon you can use. Better is recommended if you have it. Poweful versions of the epic weapon Thorn are also highly recommended if you have them. You need to bring a powerful shield as well, so two handed weapons are out of the question. The minimum recommended shield is a 2/50/15 Steel Kite Shield.

Due to the Retired Legionnaire's insane damage output, it is virtually impossible to defeat him without 1) Weekly boss armor(such as Desert Prince) 2) Very good legacy Protector armor or 3) top tier arena armor. This boss is not to be trifled with.

Side note: do not, under any circumstances, use rings or necklaces with negative damage resistance. You will get one shot.

Black Lord Kathius

Weak to: Piercing damage

Deals: Slashing / Bludgeoning damage

Found at: Volantis Arena - 5th Boss

Drops: Proof of Victory

Strategy: Dark Lord Kathius is the 5th and final arena boss. This boss is incredibly deadly, comparable to The Black King and The Imperial Desert Prince.

High piercing damage is required for defeating this boss. Using a 72 max Rapier or Gilded Rapier is the absolute weakest weapon you can use. Better is recommended if you have it. Powerful versions of the epic weapon Thorn are also highly recommended if you have them. You need to bring a powerful shield as well, so two handed weapons are out of the question. The minimum recommended shield is a 2/50/20 Pincer Shield.

Due to Kathius's ridiculous damage output, it is virtually impossible to defeat him without 1) Weekly boss armor(such as Black King) 2) Very good legacy protector armor or 3) top tier arena armor. This boss is not to be trifled with.

Side note: do not, under any circumstances, use rings or necklaces with negative damage resistance. You will get one shot.

Once Kathius is defeated, congratulations! You have defeated one of the greatest challenges this game has to offer.

Group Raid Bosses

There are 3 respawnable raid bosses in game, created by Alteru. They have a respawn mechanic similar to instances; only one boss will appear every couple days. However, the timer is hidden and the boss appears in a combat site. It is worth noting that almost all the drops from this area were balanced

Sahuagin General - Deep Sea

General Notes

This boss is not really worth fighting. It requires a lot of time and resources for an extremely small payoff. Most of the drops from this boss roll terribly 99% of the time, and thus it is not worth fighting, let alone farming, this boss, unless you are aiming to kill every boss in game.

As well, there are a few tricks you can abuse in this instance. Firstly, if you have an alt that has NOT discovered the path from The Depths to Coral Reef, and then you explore with that alt and find coral reef, you will be entered into combat with an instanced enemy in Coral Reef, but upon defeating it, you are in Coral Reef. This allows for easy travel to the rest spot, and the ability to easily clear backwards.

As well, if you leave an alt inside the boss spawn room, you can camp the general and explore once every few days and find the given queen for that day, which allows you to stack up kills pretty quickly. Note that if you leave undamaged generals around for more than a few days, they will despawn.


Coming soon!

Boss Fight

Coming soon!

Naga Queen - Coral Reef

General Notes

This boss is not really worth fighting. It requires a lot of time and resources for an extremely small payoff. Most of the drops from this boss roll terribly 99% of the time, and thus it is not worth fighting, let alone farming, this boss, unless you are aiming to kill every boss in game.

As well, there are a few tricks you can abuse in this instance. Firstly, if you have an alt that has NOT discovered the path from The Depths to Coral Reef, and then you explore with that alt and find coral reef, you will be entered into combat with an instanced enemy in Coral Reef, but upon defeating it, you are in Coral Reef. This allows for easy travel to the rest spot, and the ability to easily clear backwards.

As well, if you leave an alt inside the boss spawn room, you can camp naga queen and explore once every few days and find the given queen for that day, which allows you to stack up kills pretty quickly. Note that if you leave undamaged queens around for more than a few days, they will despawn.

IMPORTANT: There is no path from the boss room back to The Depths. If the instance respawns while you're in the boss room, YOU WILL BE TRAPPED INSIDE. Take caution to bring enough gear to clear in and out. A good strategy is to wait inside the rest room and then clear back in if you're mid-fight with a queen and the second instance room is about to respawn.


The instance leading up to the Naga Queen is comprised of 4 rooms; an instanced room, then a rest spot, then an instanced room, then the boss fight room. There are no instanced enemies in the boss fight room, and no encounterable mobs except for Naga Queen. Throughout the two instanced rooms, a variety of enemies can be found, including Sahuagin Captains, Naga Witches and Primordial Slimes. Anti pierce armor, such as Gladiator Armor or Western Ranger Cuirass is recommended.

Boss Fight

Weak to: Slashing damage

Deals: Piercing Damage

Found at: Mystic Cave

Drops: A multitude of items

Strategy: The Naga Queen fight is not very challenging, although the queen appears very intimidating. The Queen has around 5000 hp, and is weak to slashing damage. She deals medium amounts of piercing damage, so a decent set of anti pierce armor is recommended. If you want to end the queen quickly, grab a Prince Set and a 70+ max slashing weapon and go to town. On a lower budget, grab some decent gladiator armor with a decent Knight's Longsword and Heavy Steel Shield, and the fight should be rather trivial.

Shadow Demon - Ruined City

General Notes

The Shadow Demon is an extremely controversial boss. On one hand, it is potentially the hardest boss in the game. But on the other hand, over half of the potential drops from him are very bad.

To get to Shadow Demon, you need to farm all 3 of the main weekly bosses - The Black King, The Imperial Desert Prince and Gol'Shlanek until they drop a "Key of the Black King/Prince/Gol" or similar. Then, take all 3 and transmute them inside of an Ornate Reliquary.

This will create a Key of the Three Paths; a key item with 5 durability. Each one durability can bring an entire party of characters through the passage.To find the passage, go to the Deep Sea and explore. Once inside Grimy Cave, explore again to find the path to the Ruined City. You don't need a key to get from Ruined City to Grimy Cave; only from Grimy Cave to Ruined City!

Once inside the city, there are two primary locations; Abadoned Manor, which serves a heal spot, and Derelict Church, which leads to the instance, and then to the Shadow Demon.


The instance leading up to Shadow Demon is extremely treacherous; potentially the most in the entire game. It respawns around every hour and a half.

  • 30 Wraiths - deals all 3 damage types, no armor, around 70 hp. The same enemy as in the instance for Gol'Shlanek.
  • 15 Skeletal Dragon - this is where things get very interesting. This enemy deals super high damage, potentially over 100, and has just over 100 hp. They are weak to bludge and drop the Dragonbone Tower Shield, a very good shield

The instance is best cleared with a powerful armor set such as high roll protector set or a BK Set, with a powerful bludgeoning weapon such as Blood Lust or Flail of the Desert Prince. This instance truly is not to be trifled with; more people have died getting to shadow demon than fighting him.

Boss Fight

Weak to: Piercing Damage

Deals: Slashing / Piercing Damage

Found at: Ethereal Prison

Drops: 3 5 of: Dread Scythe, Ravaging Claws, Evil Witches Hat, Shadow Cloak

Strategy: Shadow Demon has around 7500 hp. He can hit like a truck; fortunately, not a truck that does hard to block damage. He does pierce and slash damage, each on a different weapon. The slashing weapon hits significantly harder. Technically, the best armor to use on shadow demon is gladiator armor, due to it being PGE. However, due to the lower durability of gladiator armor, you can find yourself breaking multiple gladiator chests per fight if you're unlucky. To combat that, most people use a Desert Prince Set. The slightly lower dr against slash usually doesn't matter; although shadow demon can and will one shot you through armor. So be very wary and bring backup.

Shadow Demon is weak to piercing damage, so high damage pierce weapons such as Thorn and Saber of the Desert Prince are very effective against him. The boss fight takes a long time and will most likely require numerous healing trips; however, he is not invincible.

Upon death, he drops 3 5 items out of 4 potential; Dread Scythe, Ravaging Claws, Evil Witches Hat and Shadow Cloak.

  • Dread Scythe is basically a reskinned Death's Embrace. It can roll stupidly high; but no recorded one has ever done so. You will probably get a better DE in the instance beforehand than any Dread Scythe you find.
  • Ravaging Claws is basically a reskinned, much higher dura rapier. Just like the Scythe, it can roll stupidly high, but it never has and most likely never will.
  • Evil Witches Hat is an interesting reward. It has a text only the holder can see that will give you +1 int for an hour in exchange for 1 durability. Although sparsely used, it could make an already OP character just that much better.
  • Shadow Cloak is the main reason people fight Shadow Demon. It is the only shirt that is E to bludge; combine with its respectable DR and tendancy to roll 100 block chance, this shirt is very sought after.

Overall, shadow demon is not really somewhat worth fighting. The Cloak and Hat are nice drops, but considering the insane amount of effort required to go to it, it's really not worth it. Although, I do recommend fighting Shadow Demon at least once. It is definitely a unique experience, and shadow cloak has no replacement.

Weekly Bosses

Weekly bosses are instanced zones that respawn on a weekly basis. They are the main source of endgame content and gear in the game, and are regularly contested by many groups and individuals.

There are many tips and tricks for success at weekly events;

  • Use multiple accounts at the same time to clear much faster. See the Multiboxing Guide for more details.
  • Practice switching an instanced mob between two characters with no downtime; so if the boss hits you down to critically low HP, you can pass off to a second hitter.
  • Having a group of competent people to contest with will reduce your chance of getting looted/losing gear. Backup always helps!

Drow High Sorcerer

Weak to: Bludgeoning damage

Deals: Bludgeoning damage(Meteor Rain), Slashing damage(Conjoured Shroud) 

Found at: Drow Vault

Drops: Ring of Resistance, Mithril Woven Cloak

Strategy for instance: This instance has a decent number of enemies.

First off, there are 16 Kobolds. Wear Full-Plate or equivalent.

Next, there are 3-4 Drow Mercenaries. Wear Bludge Resistant gear and use bludgeoning or slashing on them, although preferrably bludge.

Finally, there are 2 Drow Royal Guards. Wear good Bludge Resistant gear and use bludgeoning or slashing on them.

The Drow High Sorcerer has a respawn time of around 10 days, and the enemies guarding him have a very short respawn time of about 15 minutes.

Strategy for boss: The Drow High Sorcerer is the most dangerous at the start of the fight due to the Meteor Rain Spell. With rolls of 5d11 x2, it has high one shot potential combined with the Sorcerer's very high intelligence. Fortunately the durability of the spell is very low, so if you can tank out the Meteor Rain or let someone do it for you, you will be fine.

Once the Meteor Rain is exhausted, the Sorcerer becomes even less threatening than a Lizard King. Use a good bludgeoning weapon and you will make short work of him.

Fort Black - The Black King

Fort Black is home to The Black King. It is the most attainable of the endgame bosses, and it is where most people make their endgame debut. Due to the relatively low difficulty and high level rewards of this zone, it is heavily contested by many players.

Both Fort Black: Throne Room and Fort Black: Panic Room will respawn at the same time. It is general practice to clear Black Fort around 1 hour before Throne and Panic Room respawn, and then to rush the last two rooms as quickly as possible.

As well, it is encouraged for people that are not quite ready to fight the king to clear. It is good to become familiar with how the instance works, and the Black Knights are profitable to fight.

Part 1: Black Forest

This is where people chill before clearing. Nothing fancy to see here.

Part 2: Black Fort

Respawn: ~2 hours

No. of Foes: 170

This room contains around 150 Black Guards and Black Guard Sergeants. It is not very hard to clear; use decent anti bludge/slash armor such as Full-Plate and you'll be a-ok. Macuahuitls are also the ideal weapon for clearing due to their bludgeoning/piercing damage combo, though watch out for their low durability. To this extent Sahuagin Double Spears and Alderaian Trishula could be good substitutes, though it may take a bit longer due to the Heavy Steel Sheilds the guards carry.

Part 3: Throne Room

Respawn: 7 days

No. of Foes: 60

This room respawns at the same time as panic room. It contains around 40 Black Guards and Black Guard Sergeants, and then a handful of Black Knights(up to 20). Black Knights are like slightly harder Black Guard Sergeants, however their weapons can roll absurdly well(up to 3d11 4x), so caution is advised.

Part 4: Panic Room

Respawn: 7 days

No. of Foes: 10-20 + boss

This room respawns at the same time as throne room. It contains up to 20 Black Knights and then The Black King. If you are lucky (or unlucky?) enough to get the encounter, your moment of reckoning has come.

Part 5: Fighting The Black King

Weak to: Piercing OR Piercing / Bludgeoning Damage

Deals: Slashing Damage

Drops: Black King Set

Strategy: The Black King is a tough nut to crack, but with the proper tools he is not too challenging. The main difficulty with this boss is that he boasts extreme defenses, which makes for a very long fight. Even damage types that he is "weak" too take a rather long time to defeat him. However, he does not do obscene amounts of damage, compared to The Imperial Desert Prince, which allows for him to be defeated with relatively worse armor; you do not need to own full sets of endgame armor to dispatch him.

Due to the length of the fight, having armor with high block chance is strongly recommended. Aseridith Heavy Plate and good Gladiator Gear is what most people kill their first Black King with. A good shirt such as a Dragon Blood Shirt is also necessary. The epics Python Scale Tunic and Crusader substantially increase your chance of winning, however they are absolutely not necessary to win.

There are a bunch of very good weapons to use on black king.

  • Gilded Rapier is the classic weapon. Use at least a 72 max for good results
  • General's Mace is extremely good due to it's B/P damage combo; it will hit him extra hard, as shirt won't block nearly as much damage. At least 64 max should do the trick, but the stronger the better.
  • Thorn is a very good choice, as its high max damage and high crit rate make quick work of the king.
  • Fury of Xolotl is also a good choice, if it rolls well. Very similar to General's Mace.

There are multiple good shields as well; a good roll of Master Spell Book is the best choice for people trying to make their endgame debut. The epic shield Final Favor is also very good, but is not required to win.

If you have already defeated the Black King, using a BK set against him is the easiest way to win; once you have one set, it starts to snowball rapidly.

Once you have murdered the black king, congratulations! You're now the owner of a very shiny weekly set.

Lavish Pavillion - The Imperial Desert Prince

The Imperial Desert Prince is generally regarded as one of the hardest bosses in the game, for good reason. He hits very hard consistently. However, once you get the proper gear, the fight is not too rough. As well, clearing the trash enemies for prince can be very profitable. People who are not ready to fight the Prince can benefit their groups by hopping in to clear trash, getting decent gear, and maybe even fighting a Royal Bodyguard or two.

Generally, for a clear, players will kill everything in Nomad Soldier's Camp an hour or so in advance. Then they'll wait until Lavish Courtyard and Pavillion respawn; they do so at the same time. Then they'll clear Courtyard, then Pavillion. Easy peasy.

Part 1: Nomad Camp Commons

This is the spot that people camp out at before clearing for Prince. Nothing special to see here; if you want a rest spot while clearing, go to the Empty Yurt.

Part 2: Nomad Soldier's Camp

Respawn Time: 4 hours

No. of Foes: ~100

This is where the bulk of the enemies spawn. There is a combination of Nomad Scouts and Nomad Swordsmen that spawn here; they are mostly trivial, although a high roll Shuriken will still ruin your day. As well, the Swordsmen can be farmed for Hardened Nomad Garb, which is good armor for farming.

Gladiator Armor, Hardened Nomad Garb, Western Ranger Cuirass, Lizard Helm and Lizard Fists are all very good options for armor to use when clearing this room. Heavy Steel Shield is probably the best option for shields, and a bludgeoning weapon such as Blood Wand or Guardian's Flail will make quick work of them. Alternatively, you could use a 2h bludgeoning weapon for a faster clear but a higher chance of getting hit. Xarukian Bardiche, Groundkeepers Axe and low roll Cryptic Quarterstaves are all very good choices.

Part 3: Lavish Courtyard

Respawn Time: 7 days

No. of Foes: ~100

This room is very similar to the soldier's camp, except it spawns a bunch of Desert Assassins as well, which have a chance to drop the rare epic Forgive and Forget. Clearing this room is trivial.

This room spawns at the same time as Lavish Pavillion, so players have to clear through a bunch of trash in order to get to prince.

Part 4: Lavish Pavillion

Respawn Time: 7 days

No. of Foes: ~40 + Boss

This room spawns asynchronously with Lavish Courtyard.

It contains a multitude of Nomad Swordsmen and Desert Assassins, around 10 each. After that, there are 20 Royal Bodyguards, before The Imperial Desert Prince. The Bodyguards are actually a rather challenging enemy; they are weak to piercing damage and deal piercing/slashing damage. The Desert Pikes, their weapon of choice, can roll all the way from 2d7 2x to a staggering 3d12 4x. Be extremely careful when fighting bodyguards; they can and will ruin your day. To fight them, use a high roll Western Ranger Cuirass with some equally good accessories. A pretty good(60+) Gilded Rapier will do the trick. Needless to say use a Heavy Steel Shield.

If you are rich, you can use a Prince Set to fight bodyguards. It is extremely effective.

Part 5: Fighting The Imperial Desert Prince

Weak to: Bludgeoning Damage

Deals: Bludgeoning (Flail), Piercing / Slashing (Saber)

Drops: Desert Prince Set

Strategy: The Imperial Desert Prince is notorious for hitting really, really hard and not being easy to defend against. The Prince is a much different fight than his counterpart, The Black King. The king blocks a ton of damage, with sword and (generally) pretty high dr armor parts. The main difficulty with that fight is dealing any damage at all while he smacks you upsidedown with the sword; fortunately, it's just a sword so it's more or less trivial to block.

Prince is the opposite; he hits really really hard and is hard to defend against, but doesn't block very much damage. The most prince will block is maybe 35-45, if he rolled high DR on his armor and his weapons also block. Thus, the difficulty in prince lies with killing him before he kills you. There are a couple different approaches when fighting him, with different armor sets having different advantages and disadvantages. There are also a couple different weapons/shields that are proven to work very well.

Weapons: Prince is weak to bludge, so getting the best bludge weapon possible and whooping him with it is ideal. There are a couple good options for this, including

  • Blood Lust - due to its insanely high crit chance and avg damage, a high roll of this weapon is THE BEST weapon for fighting prince. 54+ max damage will melt him unbelievably fast.
  • Flail of the Desert Prince - the classic answer. 81 max and above are almost guaranteed tear prince to pieces. However, this is not ideal who people looking for their first kill.
  • General's Mace - this should be at least 64 for good results. Not much to say, this weapon consistently hits hard, especially if you are lucky enough to own a 3d one.
  • Conviction - this weapon seems tailor-made for prince. The weapon can roll comically high, and G/A/A defenses with up to 40% bc work well for protecting against prince, so well to the point where using it as the off-hand is not a terrible idea. If you are lucky d15 (or higher!) or *3 / *3.5 wrecks prince in a matter of moments.
  • Cryptic Quarterstaff - these aren't too hard to come across for later endgame players, and they do well against prince. Good blocks and rolls could make up for the lack of shield.
  • Battleaxe, Warhammer, Guardian's Flail - while these 3 are a lot less powerful than the 5 listed above, a high roll on them can still murder prince quite easily. 72 max on any of these 3 has been known to murder him easily.
  • Other bludgeoning weekly weapons - mostly useful for people farming prince sets to prepare for other weeklies. Valor, Wrath of Bellezar, Eruption, etc demolish prince faster than any of the above options, though it could be a waste of drua.

Shields: There are less options for shields, but still a handful of good ones

  • Sword of the Black King - this iconic weapon has extremely good blocks, and has the added bonus of being able to hit hard. It probably won't damage Prince but that extra chance is nice. No longer relevant after the bk sword defense nerfs.
  • Shield of Evalach - This epic shield is GGA, which means it won't do very well against the Saber, but will do very well against the flail - better than any other shield in the game. When this shield rolls 55/22 or better, it is an extremely good choice for fighting Prince. Any lower on either and you're probably better off with a Sword of the Black King.
  • Defiance - a very high roll defiance can trivialize the Prince Fight. 50+ BC with 25+ DR makes it one of the best overall shields in the game, and very good for prince. It also has the added bonus of sometimes having negative dex pen, which the Shield of Evalach does not have. This shield is most likely worse than a good Shield of Evalach or Sword of the Black King, but it is also much easier to obtain.

Armor: There are multiple different angles you can take when gearing for a prince fight. This section will cover most of the commonly used ones.

  • Protector Gear - Many people use protector gear for prince. This is due to it having no inherent weaknesses to prince, unlike BK Gear. However, due to protector gear generally having lower DR against straight bludge than BK gear, it is still risky. But with a boss of this caliber, everything is risky. 2/96/35 and above prots are recommended if you go this route, although people have pulled it off with significantly worse gear.
    • Archmage's Robes are also an extremely viable option, if rolled high enough. 2/96/34 or better has killed prince numerous times.
  • Black King/Crusader - This strategy preys on the fact that prince almost always rolls a pretty mediocre Saber of the Desert Prince compared to the Flail of the Desert Prince. Flail almost always rolls above 70, whereas Sabers above 60 are not common. So, we can afford to focus on blocking the bludgeoning damage, and letting some of the pierce/slash slide. You want to have at least A against pierce/slash; this isn't a suicide run. A Black King set coupled with a good weapon is a time-tested method to give prince a run for his money. Many people grind for black king, kill him and then go right to prince with that gear. It is an extremely viable strategy; it is not quite as safe as high roll prots, due to stray saber crits, but it will defend against the flail well. If you are rich/lucky, Crusader is a straight upgrade to a Full-Plate of the Black King, with generally better stats all around.
  • Shirt Options - There are a couple different shirts you can use against DP with a lot of success.
    • Dragon Blood Shirt is the gold standard for people who don't have a huge cache of op gear; it provides good defenses at not a huge cost.
    • Bloodied Hauberk is similar, though protects against bludgeoning better.
    • Python Scale Tunic is a lot harder to get than a Dragon Blood Shirt, but it is worth the grind. It's very hard to find a shirt that will be as a good as a Python Tunic. Always rolling at least -1% DP, oftentimes rolling 100 block chance, which is stupidly good on a shirt, and oftentimes rolling at least 20 damage reduction. There is essentially no downside to using a Tunic.
    • Glacial Pelt is the absolute best choice if you have access to it. It's very hard to get, but rolling very high DR(often mid 20s), plus often rolling -1% dex penalty, plus almost always rolling 99 block chance makes this shirt extremely good. As well, it is G to bludge, unlike any other very good shirt in game, which makes it ideal to counteract the Flail of the Desert Prince that you have to best.
  • Jewelry Options - Rings and Necklaces are not necessary at all for succeeding; however, very good ones do increase your chances by a lot, so they are worth looking into.
    • Jewel of the Sea is a necklace that always rolls with 100 block chance, and sometimes has extremely high damage reduction, 8 or 9 is max. High roll Jewels provide an unbeatable bonus when fighting Prince; 8 damage off of each attack is just too good.
    • Gol'Shlanek's Forbearance is a great necklace that provides a dexterity bonus and some extra damage reduction. It is rare to obtain one before obtaining a prince set, so it's mostly used on people going back for multiple sets.
    • Shelter of Gol'Shlanek is an extremely powerful ring with limited durability. It generally has around 15 durability, but 80-90 block chance and 35 - 40 damage reduction, effectively making you invincible for a short period of time. Given how hard prince hits, this could be a good item if you feel that the rest of your gear is lacking.
    • Atonement isn't as good as the options above, but it can still protect against prince extremely well. It has up to a 50% chance to block up to 12 damage off the flail, which is insane. However, it doesn't work as well on the saber, only blocking half as much. It typically pairs better with prot armor rather than bk armor, as the prots have more trouble with the flail.
    • Any other ring or necklace that doesn't have negative dr or positive dex pen can also work for prince. Having more defense and/or increased dex is better than having nothing in those slots.
    • Beware for jewelry that has negative damage reduction! Those can get you killed when fighting a boss of this caliber.
  • Legacy Prots - if you happen to have stumbled upon a good set of legacy protector gear, it is unquestionably the best armor for prince. The BC/DR combo is just unmatched; there is a reason they got nerfed.

After defeating Prince, congratz! You're now the owner of a powerful weekly armor set. I also want to stress that the gear above is not the only gear that can work on this boss; this is what has been tested to work consistently, and what is generally recommended. Good luck!

Mausoleum of Gol'Shlanek

Part 1: Mausoleum Courtyard

This is where people usually camp out before Gol. Nothing special to see here. If you want a rest spot while clearing, create a camp at Blood Forest.

Part 2: Mausoleum of Gol'Shlanek

You can clear the first 3 rooms of the Mausoleum very easily using Western Ranger Cuirass and a decent Macuahuitl.

Room 1-3: Warmup

Respawn Times: 20 Minutes/30 Minutes/30 Minutes

The first room contains 5 Owlbears. They are very easy; they have no armor and deal low piercing/slashing damage.

This room contains 10 Cockatrices. They deal pure piercing damage, and are weak to bludgeoning damage.

This room contains 15 Manticores. They deal piercing/slashing damage and are weak to piercing damage.

Room 4: Hellhounds

Respawn Time: 30 Minutes

Hellhounds are rather annoying. They deal all 3 damage types, so Protector Gear is necessary. However, they have no armor, so wrecking them is trivial. Swords seem to be best due to their inherently higher block stats.

Room 5: Undead Minotaur

Respawn Time: 3.5 days

In the final Mausoleum location, there is a rest spot that has one instanced enemy; the Undead Minotaur. The minotaur may look big and scary but he is a fool; grab a decent slashing weapon and some decent bludge/slash armor and he is a joke. He drops the Monstrous Cleaver upon death, which usually sucks.

Part 3: Crypt of Gol'Shlanek

Room 6-8: Warmup Part 2

Respawn Time: 45 minutes for all rooms

These rooms are essentially the same; 5 Forlorn Ghosts, which deal pierce/slashing and are weak to anything, 5 Vengeful Wraiths that deal all 3 types and are weak to anything and then either 1, 2 or 3 Blood Pixies depending on the room you're clearing. None of these mobs have any drops, except for the Blood Pixie. They will sometimes drop Pixie Dust, an ingredient to the Kalet Balm.

All of these rooms can be cleared rather easily using Protector Gear and a weapon such as the Knight's Longsword.

Room 9: Skeletal Dragons and Elder Blood Pixies

Respawn Time: 7 days

This is where the Gol instance really ramps in difficulty. This room contains 5 Elder Blood Pixies, which deal all 3 damage types and are weak to anything. They drop the Blood Wand, a powerful bludgeoning weapon.

The room also contains 3 Skeletal Dragons; these are an extremely difficult and dangerous enemy that deal all 3 damage types, and are weak to bludge. Powerful bludgeoning weapons such as Blood Lust and Flail of the Desert Prince are strongly recommended for this enemy, as well as either a high end Protector Set or a BK set.

Part 4: Tomb of Gol'Shlanek

This final room in the instance contains ONLY Gol'Shlanek. Most other bosses have a ton of guards blocking them, but Gol'Shlanek is the sole enemy in the room. This sadly makes for most Gol'Shlanek raids come down to whoever has a better ping/better reflex time.

Part 5 - Fighting Gol'Shlanek

Weak to: Any Damage

Deals: Piercing / Slashing Damage

Found at: Mausoleum of Gol'Shlanek

Drops: Gol'Shlanek's Forbearance, Gol'Shlanek's Silhouette, Shelter of Gol'Shlanek

Strategy: Gol'Shlanek is a relatively easy weekly boss, compared to very heavy hitters such as The Imperial Desert Prince. He drops virtually all of the available endgame jewelry; some of which is extremely powerful, some of which is.... not so powerful.

For the fight, a Desert Prince Set is recommended. However, he has been defeated in high roll Western Ranger Cuirass before. He is weak to any kind of damage; the gimmick is that he has a powerful ring equipped that doesn't drop which absorbs almost all attacks from the player. It breaks after several hits, however. Thus, for a quick fight, it is recommended to dual wield weapons which 1) have a high blockchance and high DR towards S/P and 2) have a high critical hit chance, so they'll swing twice and burn dura on his ring. For example, dual wielding a Sword of the Black King and Blood Lust makes for a trivial fight. The fight really is not very hard, especially compared to the other weekly bosses around.

Frost Giant Shaman

Weak to: Piercing damage

Deals: Bludgeoning / Piercing damage(Freezing Touch), Slashing damage(Shaman's Greataxe)

Found at: Glacial Temple

Drops: Shaman's Greataxe, Necklace of Invincibility, Glacial Pelt, Steel Greaves, Full-Plate

Strategy: Possibly the most elusive boss in the game, the Frost Giant Shaman is a massive enemy with extremely powerful drops. His quirk, and the reason he is extremely dangerous, is his Freezing Touch Spell. Freezing Touch has low durability, generally about 5 to 15, and deals insanely high bludgeoning/piercing damage. Capable of completely melting players in even legacy prot sets, this spell is truly not to be trifled with. A non critical attack deal 80 damage without strength bonus.

It is worth nothing that the giant DOES NOT equip the Necklace of Invincibility; it will always drop with full durability, and the giant won't be invincible.

There are a couple methods for wearing out the spell. The first, and most common, is to throw a bunch of 5/5/5/ alts at the giant until his spell is totally worn out. Then waltz in with your main killer and smoke him. This really has no downsides, other than it takes a long time to bring all the alts down, and if you didn't bring enough alts.... you are in big trouble. The spell's durability varies, contrary to what has been said in the past; it has been observed to go as low as 5 and as high as 15, but due to the tiny number of Shamans that have actually spawned, it's not possible to get an extremely accurate reading of the spell's durability.

The other, less common, riskier method is to bring a couple alts in full Protector/Paladin gear with two shields and attempt to tank Freezing Touch. This strategy has never been fully tested, although it could be viable if you get lucky and he doesn't crit you ridiculously hard on ever hit. Overall; the first strategy is recommended. But if you like risk, you can go for this one.

After the spell has been exhausted, the Shaman is a very easy boss, dealing only slashing damage. You could probably squeak by with a plate such as an Aseridian Heavy Plate, but given that the Shaman's Greataxe can actually roll pretty high, it is best to go with overkill armor such as a Black King set. Any decent piercing weapon will do; the shaman literally only has a Full-Plate on. But once again, the stronger the weapon, the lower the risk.

The Shaman is an instanced boss, and the mechanic for his spawning is confusing to the uninitiated. Basically; he spawns every 4-8 weeks as an instanced enemy in the Glacial Temple. The timer ticks once ever week, similar to the other weekly bosses. Whenever a player attempts to enter the instance for the first time since it has ticked, it will increment a hidden counter by a small amount. Once that counter reaches a certain value, the shaman will spawn. Assuming somebody goes and checks the instance every week, it will take 1-2 months for the shaman to respawn.

A good analogy is that the spawn timer is like a bucket of water, and every week that somebody checks the spawn, a couple drops are added to the bucket. When it is full, he spawns.

Il'Kalet - Spectral Marsh

Il'Kalet is without a doubt one of the toughest challenges that Initium has to offer. The instance leading up to the fabled Lizard God is not terribly long but do not be fooled, it won't be easy.

Part 1: Obtaining Spiritual Balm

To begin contesting Il'Kalet, one must first obtain a reasonable amount of Spiritual Balm which will be required to enter the Spectral Marsh portion of the instance from the Ritual Site.

Note: The Spiritual Balm buff is not required to enter the Spectral Marsh from the inside of the instance. This is helpful for saving balm durability each spawn assuming that the spectral marsh gets cleared before Il'Kalet's Haven respawns.

Each balm has four durability which means it can provide five buffs, each lasting for 20 minutes. The buff itself, Spiritual Vision, bestows a 5% intelligence buff to the character and allows entrance to the Spectral Marsh.

Balm is created by bringing the following five items to the Wise Ancient located at the Hidden Path just outside the Il'Kalet instance:

In addition, the Dark Ritualists from within the Il'Kalet instance can occasionally drop any of the five items listed above.

Part 2: Ritual Site

Respawn Time: 3 hours

The beginning of the instance is very simple. Ritual Site has around 39 monsters to clear and usually takes just a few minutes. It consists of Lizardfolk Soldiers, Lizardfolk Ritualists, a couple Way Wisps, Vengeful Wraiths, and two Lizardfolk Elite Guards. Lizardfolk Ritualists wield Emerald Scepters and deal pure bludgeoning damage. Vengeful Wraiths deal all three damage types. Lizardfolk Elite Guards wield Emerald Swords and deal slashing damage.

For gear, there are lots of options. The main damages being dealt here are bludgeoning and slashing (although all three are dealt) so armor up accordingly. For weapons, Cryptic Quarterstaves work very well but a sword-and-board method is just as good. Overall this part of the instance is incredibly easy so the gear decisions here are really up to you.

Part 3: Spectral Marsh 1 & 2

In order to walk through the shimmering portal to access the Spectral Marsh from the Ritual Site, a character must have the Spiritual Vision buff from the Spiritual Balm mentioned in Part 1. The first room called Spectral Marsh contains no monsters but the next tile, also called Spectral Marsh, contains the next group of monsters.

Respawn Time: about 1 hour

The Spectral Marsh is where things start to ramp up. Inside, you'll find a multitude of Angry Spirits, Spectral Pythons, more Vengeful Wraiths, and Malevolent Wisps. As with most instances, it's recommended to try to maintain triple pumped buffs to save durability and reduce risk of death. Spectral Marsh is no exception.

Angry Spirits are what makes the clear for this instance pretty terrible. They deal extremely high piercing damage, able to hit triple digits. Fortunately they don't have very high HP. Spectral Pythons deal high piercing and bludgeoning damage. They are similar to the Desert Pythons at the snake pit in the desert but the Spectral kind hurt a lot more. Also, instead of Snakeskin Shirts, the Spectral Pythons occasionally drop Spectral Snakeskin which are A/G/A shirts as well as Spectral Fangs which are low durability, pure piecing weapons. The wisps in this section of the instance are slightly more difficult than the wisps at the Ritual Site but like other wisps, they don't deal much damage.

Because extreme piercing and high bludgeoning damage is the focus of this part of the instance, Paladin's armor is highly recommended. Desert Prince gear is also very good but not as ideal. Good Protectors gear may work as well but is a little risky. For weapons, Cryptic Quarterstaves work wonders here in the instance. With high damage and exceptional blocking capabilities, they are a great weapon of choice for almost the entire instance. If one does not have access to Cryptic Quarterstaves yet, then high block slashing weapons also work well such as Knight's Longswords or Emerald Swords.

Note: Because Spiritual Vision only lasts 20 minutes, it is highly recommended to time the Spectral Marsh clear with the spawn of Il'Kalet's Haven in mind so as to save balm durability. This is only relevant if you plan on using your Spectral Marsh clearing character to also clear Il'Kalet's Haven. With decent Paladin armor and a 54 max Cryptic Quarterstaff, the Spectral Vision clear should take no more than 10 minutes to clear with one character and triple pumped buffs so plan accordingly.

Part 4: Il'Kalet's Haven

Respawn Time: about 4.5 days

Il'Kalet's Haven is the last room of the instance. It begins with around 15-20 Dark Ritualists. These guys can equip either a purple swirly spell, called Otherworldy Force, or the Cryptic Quarterstaves mentioned earlier. When the purple spell is equipped, they deal high bludgeoning/slashing damage. When equipped with a cryptic quarterstaff, they deal only bludgeoning damage. Either way, these ritualists should not be taken lightly. Black King armor, Crusader, or nicely-rolled Combatants armor is almost mandatory. The ritualists are weak to bludge so using their own weapon, Cryptic Quarterstaves, is probably your best bet against them. Additionally, Really Greatclubs can also work well, assuming they're well-rolled. Without access to those, a nice Conviction from Aseridith High Priest combined with a good shield such as a high roll Defiance can work as well.

After the Dark Ritualists are cleared, exactly three Heliotrope Lizards will stand in your way before Il'Kalet herself. The Heliotrope Lizards deal high piercing with one weapon and moderately high pierce/slash on the other. To clear them, Desert Prince gear or Armor of the Irrepressible from the Angelic Emissary works well. On a budget, Gladiator gear could also be used but isn't as safe. The lizards are weak to pierce so a decent Thorn or Saber of the Desert Prince can take care of them easily. Final Favor and Dragonbone shields work well for the offhand slot. Additionally, Spears of Il'Kalet can also be used to clear the Heliotrope Lizards.

Part 5: Fighting Il'Kalet

Weak to: Slashing Damage

Deals: Bludge/Pierce(Crushing Bite), Bludge/Slash(Tail Lash), Bludge/Pierce/Slash(Venomous Spray)

Found at: Il'Kalet's Haven

Drops: Spectral Scale (always one, rarely two), Spear of Il'Kalet, Emerald Ring of Il'Kalet (not always)

Strategy: Once the Dark Ritualists and Heliotrope Lizards are gone, you're finally ready to fight Il'Kalet herself. She usually has around 60-70 HP which makes the fight a lot more manageable. For weapons, Il'Kalet typically dual wields Crushing Bite(B/P) and Tail Lash(B/S) but about 20% of the time she will spawn with Venomous Spray(B/P/S). She typically mainhands Crushing Bite and offhands Tail Lash when she spawns without Venomous Spray. With spray, she usually mainhands the spray and offhands Crushing Bite. Overall, this means that the bludge/pierce combo can generally be considered her primary attack.

Be warned, Il'Kalet can easily hit in the 80s range of damage and the stack can cap out at well over 100 damage with strength added.

Because of her extreme damage capabilities and fairly low HP, most players would agree that the best defense is a good offense in Il'Kalet's case. Buff items such as Stew, Mysterious Berries, and Strange Elixirs can drastically improve one's odds at defeating Il'Kalet. If for whatever reason you also decided that running Shadow Demon was a good idea and obtained an Evil Witch's Hat, the buff from the hat can also be very useful. Keep in mind that if multiple people are contesting the instance, there is a fair chance that any buffs you applied will be wasted if you don't encounter Il'Kalet yourself so the choice is up to you to use them. Despite this risk, it is still highly recommended to use buffs for the instance.

Gearing for Il'Kalet can be difficult due to her wide range of damage but one thing remains a staple in the Initium endgame: the Sword of the Black King. A BK Sword is almost required to try fighting Il'Kalet but there are some exceptions which will be covered later. It is basically perfect for the fight due to its high slashing damage, incredible good block, and negative dexterity penalty. Dual-wielding BK swords is a very simple and viable strategy for dealing with the final fight but a sword and shield, such as a good Shield of Evalach or god-roll Defiance combined with a BK Sword, is just as good.

If you're wanting to contest Il'Kalet without a BK Sword, then there are some exceptions or substitutes. God-rolled protector swords or Champion's Blades from the Volantis Arena can also be used. Additionally, some less defensive weapons, such as a high-roll Thorn and Aurora, have been used to defeat Il'Kalet in the past but they are generally not recommended but definitely still viable.

Armor-wise, god prots or legacy prots are probably best for first timers. God-roll Archmage's Robes can also be extremely effective with their intelligence boost. BK Plate or a Crusader can also be used but they are less than ideal due to their resists. As you rack up more Il'Kalet kills, you can turn in your hard-earned scales for pieces of the IK armor set. These armor pieces boast weekly-tier B/P resists and are very effective in dealing with Il'Kalet's primary weapon, Crushing Bite. These are just general options, more specific gear suggestions will now be overviewed in no particular order. Overall, the IK armor set is probably best for regular Il'Kalet spawns whereas god prots are ideal for Venomous Spray spawns. Both are still interchangeable though.

Helmet Slot

For helmets, a great option is the Grace of Il'Kalet. With B/P resists and Average slashing resist, the Grace of Il'Kalet is a great option. It is effectively the same as a Wisdom of Il'Kalet for this fight. Additionally, a well-rolled BK Helm will also suffice. Of course, a god-roll prot helm will always work. Your last option is probably a high-roll Guardian's Skullplate, which has G/G/A resists and is dropped by the Guardian of the Labyrinth in the shadow temple.


Chest/Legs Slot

As mentioned before, god prots or Archmage Robes work here especially if Il'Kalet spawns with Venomous Spray. If not available, BK Plate and Crusader also work but are definitely more risky because of non-ideal resists. Later on, Heart of Il'Kalet and Fortitude of Il'Kalet are great options (these are the chest and leg pieces of the Il'Kalet armor set, respectively).


Shirt Slot

The usual endgame shirts are the same here. A nice Python Scale Tunic will get the job done but other options such as a Glacial Pelt or Shadow Cloak are also applicable. On a budget, BK shirts and even high-roll Spectral Snakeskin shirts can be fine as well.


Gloves Slot

The glove slot is kind of limited. Guidance of Il'Kalet is a probably the go-to option for gloves but a decent Suffering's End is also a solid choice. If both are unavailable to you, a high-roll BK gloves can also work but these are far from ideal with pretty poor resists for the fight. Of course, god prot bracers are always an option to grind for. Your other option is probably a Guardian's Grasp from the Guardian of the Labyrinth in shadow temple. If it rolls well enough, it should be better than BK gloves.


Boots Slot

Like the glove slot, boots are also pretty limited for Il'Kalet. Legacy BK Boots are the best option but are very rare so odds are you will have to use a Presence of Il'Kalet. If not, high-rolled prot boots are always fine. If none of these are available to you, a well-rolled Timeworn Treads of the Forgotten from the shadow temple can be used. The last option is a pair of modern BK boots but these are really not recommended.


Neck Slots

There are two main types of necklaces in Initium, damage-blocking and negative dexterity penalty. The type you want to use will probably be decided by whether or not Il'Kalet has spawned with Venomous Spray or not. If not, then a Gol'Shlanek's Forbearance is a great choice for the fight. With negative dexterity penalty and good defense, it will get the job done. Additionally, an Amulet of the Howling Sands from the Desert Prince can also work but it isn't as good as a forbearance. A Trapped Soul with zero damage reduction can also be used but negative damage reduction should be avoided. Jewels of the Sea from Naga Witches are also very effective if you have a good pair. They don't have negative dexpen but with 100% block chance, they will always help you out in some way. Lastly, a necklace from the Angelic Emissary or Aseridith High Priest can be used as well.

If Venomous Spray is used or just a really tough regular spawn shows up, then one can consider a different approach. If you find yourself in a particularly dire situation, such as a knocked out character, then a Necklace of Invincibility could also be considered but this should only be a last resort.


  • Gol'Shlanek's Forbearance
  • Amulet of the Howling Sands
  • Trapped Soul
  • Jewel of the Sea
  • Angel's Torc
Ring Slot

There are multiple options for rings as well. Emerald Rings of Il'Kalet are very good, they are like miniature Gol necks but for the ring slot. Non-negative Varito's Ire, Planar Rings, and Gol'Shlanek's Silhouette are also viable options. Additionally, well-rolled Desert Gems, Sleek Rings, and Raptor-Eye Rings are also viable but ensure they do not have negative damage reduction.

As with the Necklace of Invincibility situation in the necklace portion above, Gol'Shlanek's Shelter is another option for you to cover weaker gear.


  • Emerald Ring of Il'Kalet
  • Varito's Ire, Planar Ring, Gol'Shlanek's Silhouette
  • Desert Gem, Sleek Ring, Raptor-Eye Ring
Hands Slot

High Slashing is the idea for weapons against Il'Kalet. Sword of the Black King is the most common weapon used on Il'Kalet. High-roll prot swords and champ blades are also usable. Additionally, high-roll weapons such as Auroras and Thorns are also viable but less safe than BK swords.

For offhanding, a second BK sword is a great ok option because of its shield-like above-average defensive properties. A good Shield of Evalach is also very viable because of its B/P resists. A high-roll Defiance is also viable. Additionally, a Shelter of Il'Kalet is a good option despite its non-ideal resists simply due to its impressive stats.


  • Mainhand Slot
    • Sword of the Black King
    • high-roll Protector's Sword or Champion's Blade
    • high-roll Thorn or Aurora
    • Valor
  • Offhand Slot
    • Shield of Evalach
    • high-roll Defiance
    • Sword of the Black King
    • Shelter of Il'Kalet


So now you have defeated Il'Kalet, one of the most difficult bosses in all of Initium. Unfortunately, if you're looking for a full set, you'll need to repeat the process multiple times to obtain all of the necessary scales. At worst, you'll need to kill 11 Il'Kalet spawns to obtain a full set from the Wise Ancient but there's a small chance you get more than one scale per kill so there is hope to finish sooner. The good news is that by the time you finish a full set, you'll have a stash of arguably the two strongest two-handed weapons in the game (Spear of Il'Kalet and Cryptic Quarterstaves) and hopefully a few decent emerald rings as well. Good Luck.


Arguably one of the hardest bosses to even reach, Bellezar requires three keys to get to his prison. One of the top 3 hardest instances in the game, only behind Angelic Emissary and Beast from Below. His drops are well worth the time and effort, however.

Part 1: Collecting the Keys

To reach Bellezar, you first need the 2nd Sphinx Key, Key of the Rist, and Key of the Tra'a. Note that you only need multiple Keys of the Tra'a if you want to heal in loreholder's refuge, as otherwise you'll be stuck in Dead End and Excavated Cavern with not much in the way of healing. In order to get the keys you need:

  • I actually don't know, go ask someone who did Bellezar and they'll tell you. Also put them here.

Part 2: Dead End

Please get someone who has done Bellezar to write this up.

Part 3: Eastern Tunnel

If you take this path you find the Wendigo. I think.

Part 4: Western Tunnel

And this one gives you the Chaos Beast. Maybe.

Part 5: Small Gap

Please for the love of god get someone to write this.

Part 6: Fighting Bellezar

Weak to: Piercing Damage maybe

Deals: Bludge/Slash OR Pierce/Slash

Found at: Bellezar instance (Please get somebody)

Drops: Simple Necklace, Ragged Imp, Wrath of Bellezar, Dreadmesh, Angel's Trumpet

Strategy: This boss hits hard and can take a good amount of damage, like all weekly bosses. Use Il'kalet armor, DP armor, and BK armor to go through the instance. DP and BK armor are really good once you figure out what damage Bellezar is dealing. Maybe run in with a slash resist armor alt to check the damage types.

Buff items are your friend, as always. Kelpie meat and Unicorn meat work great for healing off small bits of hp.

Angelic Emissary - Peak of the World

The Angelic Emissary and the associated instance are widely considered to be the most difficult boss/instance in the game, and the most rewarding.

Part 1: Collecting the Champion's Tonic

Similar to Il'Kalet and the Kalet Balm, there is a pseudo-key under the form of a buff item, the Champion's Tonic. This item has 11 durability, and the buff lasts around 1.5 hours. At the Curious Doorway, there is a script that will turn 10 ingredients into a single Tonic. Those ingredients are...

Part 2: Destroyed Shrine

Part 3: Angel Roost

Part 4: Between Worlds

Part 5: Fighting the Angelic Emissary

Happy Hunting!