A camp is a player-made structure where players can rest to regain health. Each area on the map can hold up to a certain number of camps (sometimes 0), that can then be built and defended by players. The number of camps that can be supported by an area is shown below the flavour text for the area. If 0 camps can be supported, the area will instead say "this location is not suitable for a camp". Because camps are a natural place for players to spend much of their time in between combat, some players set up shop or shitpost in camps. However, camps can be destroyed, rendering shops set up at destroyed camps near-useless.


At any area that can support camps, whether or not the limit has been reached, a button to build a camp will be present. Upon pressing this button, the player will be prompted to name their camp. Note that the camp name is saved to the user's profile so that re-entering it is not needed, and that only alphanumeric characters are supported.

Once a name has been selected, a message will appear telling the user that they are hard at work setting up their new camp. During this time, enemies have a high chance of appearing, resetting the construction process even if the player defeats them. If the camp is built without any enemies present, and there is room for a new camp in the area, the player will be moved to the new camp and a message will tell them to defend it.



At any time, a camp may be attacked by nearby enemies, which will slowly lower its integrity. If camp integrity reaches 0%, the camp will turn into a destroyed camp. The rate at which enemies begin attacking the camp can be decreased by killing enemies outside the camp (in effect the attackers and the enemies in the hosting location come from a shared source so depleting one will also deplete the other!)

Inside each camp, there is a defend button above the rest button and below the explore button. Defence can also be triggered by pressing D inside a camp. If any enemies are attacking when a player triggers defence, the player will enter combat with them. Defeating all monsters attacking a camp will reset its integrity to 100%.

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