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Groups in Initium are groups of players that work together and have separate chat channel together - think “guilds” or “clans” in other games.  There are a number of groups in Initium, varying in size, membership, and group objectives.  Some are focused on bosses, some on just having fun and chatting.

There are many reasons for joining a group, both social and gameplay-related.  Group mates are often your first line of defense if you get knocked unconscious and need a rescue, and they’re also fun to chat with in your private group chat channel.

As a newer player, you’ll likely see a lot of groups sharing their group information in chat, or asking for new members. Feel free to ask to chat with the leaders of these groups to ask questions before you join, as they’ll be more than happy to discuss what their group does and what kind of players are in it.  For a quick overview of the major groups in the game right now, be sure to check out the Groups Category.

There are a lot of group-specific features; group members talk on their own channel, have group shared houses, titles and group name under the character name.

Group Chat Channel Edit

Group channel reaches all members of the group, it's a nice way to keep in touch with fellow members.

Houses Edit

Group members can choose to donate any of their residences to the group, this means the house and its items will be shared with all members and this change can't be undone.

Hierarchy Edit

The group consists of "admins", "creator" and "members", admins and creators can edit group description and assign titles to other members.

Titles Edit

Group admins can assign custom titles to members, the title shows right under player group name.

Creating a Group Edit

Players can create a group by going on their character profile, there they find a button for it. After giving it a name it's done.

Joining a Group Edit

To join a group the player has to go to the group page, a link to it can be found under the character name of members of the group you're looking to join, or it on chat by using the chat command /group.

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