Drakes can be found inside the Drake Cave, accessible inside the Immense Cavern in the Sun Baked Canyons. Their sharp claws and hard scale allow them to partially block all but the most accurate attacks against them.

Dragon Hunters can often be found near the Drakes.


The Drakes natural armor provides them with excellent protection from all 3 styles of combat, but piercing and bludgeoning damage can still be effective enough to get past their defences.

The Drakes will slash at the player with sharp claws, and bludgeon with a bite. It is suggested to wear armor that will protect from both Slashing and Bludgeoning damage equally well.

The Drake Cave is not a suitable location for a camp; Players should be attentive to their health while hunting the Drakes; while the Drakes are not primarily dangerous themselves, a Dragon Hunter may fare better at dispatching a fatigued player looking to make a quick escape from the cave system.