Gnoll Scouts roam the Canyonside area attacking travelers that cross their path.

Due to their low stats, Gnoll Scouts can make for an easy battle even for new characters. Defeating a Gnoll Scout will always benefit the victor with a small number of coins; new players may find this a beneficial monster to camp if they wish to purchase gear from a merchant.

Creating a camp in the Canyonside Plains and defending it is an effective way to hunt Gnoll Scouts safely.


Gnoll Scouts defend most effectively against slashing attacks. Attacking them with a bludgeoning or piercing weapon is suggested.

Gnoll Scouts attack most often with a single or dual Light Mace; Bludgeoning defences are suggested to be used to avoid excessive damage. It is not uncommon to find a Gnoll Scout carrying a Spear however; being able to defend against piercing damage will be beneficial.


  • Gnoll Scouts with 12 hp are exceedingly rare, and finding one is required to complete Magic Quest.