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Welcome to the Wiki and online reference guide for Initium, a fully-featured, actively-developed, and growing indie MUD-like MMORPG. Simple enough to play on any browser (including mobile devices), yet deep enough to support emergent game-play, social events, an innovative crafting and invention system, and an incredible range of enemies, locations, and items to wield and play with!

Play the game here, learn more about the game at its official about page, or read on for further information!

Links and Guides

The following pages contain helpful information for those new or returning to the game.

  • Changelog - What is new and what has changed recently in the game?
  • Glossary and Abbreviations - guides to the most common terms and abbreviation used in the game and by the players

Further game-play guides covered more advanced aspects of the game can be found here!

Reference Guides

An encyclopedic and exhaustive guide to the game. Spoilers-abound, so read on at your own peril!

Social Media and Community Links

Get involved with the community at the following places on the Web:


Don't want to take our word on how great the game is? See what others have to say:

  • mmohut (December 2018) - 3.5/5 - "I’m keeping the app installed on my phone, and the game bookmarked. I have a feeling it’s going to be my night time phone game for the foreseeable future".
  • gameskinny (November 2016) - "a game that any fans of the mechanics of Dark Souls and Diablo should check out."
  • (May 2014) - "if you want to have some game time in the bathroom, it’s all good."

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