The purpose of this page!

This page is to be a guide for all pages relevant to areas in Initium! Please ensure you are following the templates to avoid damage to the wiki and the need to fix easily avoidable mistakes.

General Guidelines

  • Categories: Avoid creating new categories as this will result in messing the structure.
  • Starting: If you are just starting please focus on correcting little details first.
  • New pages: If you feel comfortable doing a whole new page, please follow the template page for the corresponding page.
  • Lists: When doing a list, try to put content in alphabet order.
  • Doing a new page: The easiest way to make sure you are using the correct templates is to copy the source code and paste on the new page and just then replace the information.
  • Real Templates: When doing a new page, make sure to insert a template, monster pages already use one as seen on thief page.
  • Getting Info: You can get a lot of values for items and monsters from the Google Sheets but those may be a bit outdated, so inputting what you find in the game is more accurate.
  • Getting Images: A trick for getting images from the game is to: right click > inspect element. This will show you the image link, if you right click again you can open it in a new tab for easy saving.
  • Another easy way to obtain the images is to visit the GitHub repository used for the images, located here.
  • Changes: Sometimes the main templates will change slightly, feel free to find outdated pages and correct them as to match the new template style.
  • Icons: The standard icon size is 32x32 so keep it that way to avoid inconsistency between images.

Locations Pages

Refer to Aera page for a template of how a Location page is done.

Monsters Pages

Refer to Murloc  page for a template of how a Monster page is done.


Refer to Thorn page for a template of how a Weapon page is done.


Refer to Leather Armor page for a template of how an Armor page is done.