The Troll King is an entry-level boss that is likely the first boss a player will fight on their journey.


  • Weak to: Bludgeoning damage
  • Deals: Bludgeoning damage

Strategy: Troll King is one of the most profitable bosses if you are persistent in clearing the cave towards him, which can take quite a while killing Troll after Troll. On top of his awesome loot, which are very good mid-game helmet, the best overall shirt and a very good crit chance, durability mace (which can't drop worse than 2d7), it can drop up to 24k gold.

To get to him simply keep bashing trolls (which is also an awesome way to level stats). you can't party here but multiple people clearing speeds up the process by a lot, there are 2 rest spots on the way. When in the hub, head towards "Smithy" then when on the corridor turn right. Full-Plate is highly recommended or any very good block armor against bludgeoning. Also, beware that if you die on Troll Caves your body will mostly, likely be buried with very small chance to be rescued.

If you get to his room and it's empty, check the timer below to see when it will spawn, then try to time it so you get back to his room after he has spawned, have in mind there may be up to 10 minutes added to respawn time as explained on the beginning of the guide. Once you kill it once, you can "chain" all spawns with no problems.

TK room is one way, so once you go in you can't cheat and step one room back to avoid getting kicked.

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